This section contains articles on Brythonic and related subjects. Some are written by site members, others are links to offsite works. We also have a set of sound files to help with the pronunciation of names from the mythologies.

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Brythonic Texts
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Articles Onsite
The Ash Tree
Beginners Card Reading
British Horned Gods
Brythonic Book List
Druidry - A Personal Approach
Goddess, Saint and Ancestor - Elen of the Hosts
The Hazel of Wisdom
The Holly Tree
Iron Age Warrior Gives up his Secrets
Ladies of the Lake
The Origins of Avalon
Pronunciation Guides
The Victory of Lugh
Y Baedd Gwyn
Y Baedd Gwyn Part 2
Y Baedd Gwyn Part 3


Articles Offsite
A Grammatical Sketch of Middle Welsh
Brigantia, Cartimandua and Gwenhwyfar
Brighid - What Do We Really Know?
Celtic Gods of East Anglia - Then and Now
Concerning the Name Myrddin
Decline and Fall - Roman Culture in Britain
The Gododdin Revisited
Imbolc in Wales
Invisible Britons - The View From Linguistics (PDF)
Paviland Cave
Peoples of Britain
Rescuing Llangors Crannog
Ted Hughes and the British Bardic Tradition
The Da Vinci Code (PDF)
The Gododdin in Armes Prydein
The Mesotomic Syllable in Old Welsh Poetry
Welsh Customs for Calan Haf
Welsh Harvest Customs
Wizards or Charlatans - Doctors or Herbalists? (PDF)


Brythonic Texts
Black Book of Carmarthen - Digital scan of the manuscript
Brittania - William Camden's 1607 work on British history and geography
Llyfr Taliesin - Translation of the manuscript, based on the work of Skene
Preiddeu Annwn - Text and translation
Trioedd Ynys Prydein - Welsh Triads
Vita Merlini - Geoffrey of Monmouth's classic work


Miscellaneous Articles and Texts of Interest
The Cauldron of Poesy
Druids and Brahmins: A Case of Mistaken Identity?
The Fabrication of Celtic Astrology
Hollow Hills
Lebor Gabala Erenn - Text and translation
The Morrigan
Otherworldly Straightness
Samhain, Season of Death and Renewal
Tain Bo Cualgne - Text and translation
What we Don't Know About the Ancient Celts
Voyage of Bran - Text and translation