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Irish and Scottish (Celtic Q)
General Celtic
Celtic Languages
Organisations and Personal Pages


Ancient Lothian Site looking at the old Brythonic culture of the Lothian region
An-Daras Cornish culture, with an excellent section on traditional music
Arthurian Resources Comprehensive collection of resources - highly recommended
Barddas Online slideshow of Iolo Morgannwg's infamous collection
Bragod Medieval and Renaissance Welsh song and poetry
Britonia The settlement of North West Spain by early Medieval Britons
Casglu'r Tlysau - Gathering the Jewels Amazing resource for all aspects of Welsh cultural history
Celfyddydau Mari Arts Welsh music, drama and storytelling
Celtic Kingdom of Elmet Elmet through the ages (roughly around modern Leeds)
Celtic Tribes of Britain Detailed information about geography, industry etc.
Celtic Literature Collective Large collection of Medieval Celtic writings
Centre for the Study of Ancient Wales Excellent organisation, researching Welsh history from c.400 - 1300
Culture, Myths and Legends of Cornwall Some information and stories, good introductory material
Data Wales Lots of information on Welsh history and culture
Dubh Nematon Exploring Ancient British Spirituality
Early British Kingdoms Good historical and mythological info
Early Medieval Resources Texts and information from Britain, Ireland and Brittany
Gwarnant - Medieval Welsh Poetry Much of site is missing, but it has a good section on Arthurian sources
Gwenn Ha Du Bilingual site (Eng/Fr) exploring the links between Brittany and Britain
Kidwelly History Site for Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire, containing some interesting articles
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru National Library of Wales - has some useful electronic texts
Medieval Sourcebook Contains a wide variety of texts, including Gildas and Nennius
Northumberland Rock Art Images and information on the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age rock art
Rhiannon and Manawydan Site exploring the lore and associations surrounding the two.
References to Eclipses in Ancient Welsh Manuscripts Comparing ancient records to astronomical information
Roman Inscriptions of Britain inscriptions, writing tablets etc.
Sheshen Eceni Image gallery of artefacts from iron-age Britain
The Book of Pheryllt Article exploring this supposed manuscript
The Heroic Age Free online journal containing some articles of Brythonic interest
V Wales Lots on Welsh culture, including folklore and language sections
Vortigern Studies Info on British history, 400-600 CE
Welsh Traditional Music Information, songs and forum
World of the Celts Info on the daily lives of the ancient Britons
Y Baedd Gwyn Excellent guide to Cymric paganism
Y Brython Digitised periodical (1858-1863) includes folklore and literature.


Gaulish and Breton Site dedicated to Epona, highly recommended.
The Calendar of Coligny Interpretation and reconstruction of the calendar
Nemeton Eponas With information on other Gaulish deities


Mona Miscellany Collection of ballads, proverbs, customs etc.
The Folklore of the Isle of Man Text of the 1891 book by A.W. Moore


Irish and Scottish  
Shee Eire Comprehensive site for Irish culture and mythology
Tuatha de Danaan Family Tree Invaluable information
Irish Druids and Old Irish Religion

Text of the 1894 book by James Bonwick


General Celtic  
Caer Australis Good site with emphasis on the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere
Celtic Folklore Sacred Text Archive, containing a wide variety of sources
Druuidica Prinnion Essay on Celtic Astrology by MG Boutet
Timeless Myths - Celtic Useful site for Celtic mythology
Kernunnos Fascinating site, focussing on Celtic coinage
Encyclopaedia of the Celts Comprehensive and informative
Jones' Celtic Encyclopaedia Excellent information on many subjects


Celtic Languages  
Beginners Latin - 1086 – 1733 Not Celtic - but useful for those wanting to read Medieval documents
Gàidhlig dictionary Gaelic - English dictionary
Irish Gaelic Course Gaelic course
Linguashop Courses for all Celtic languages
Middle Welsh Useful Middle Welsh lessons
Modern Welsh course Welsh learners course
Radio Acen Welsh radio and learners resources
Speaking our Language Irish Gaelic course


Organisations and Personal Pages  
Albion Conclave Teaching organisation focussing on Brythonic druidry
An Oibracht Ceilteach Very informative series of essays
Ancient Whispers Resources, crafts and living history
Avalon Druid Order Brythonic mystery traditions
Brendan Cathbad Myers Personal pages with many useful articles
Comhaltacht Draiocht Fellowship of polytheist revivalist Druids
Imbas Good resource for CR material and Senistrognata
School of Celtic Studies Site can be read in Irish or English
Teacht Na nGealt Selection of useful articles on various parts of the Irish tradition
The Preserving Shrine Site belonging to Erynn Rowan Laurie
Y Caer - Yr Cylch Brythoniaidd Discussion group for those working within the British tradition


Ar nDraiocht Fein Neo-Druid organisation, good resource
BDO Pages of the British Druid Order
Druid Network The descendent of the BDO, a networking resource
Druidry Good site with intelligent essays


An Fianna Intelligent discussion site for pagans
Apotropaios - Folk Magic in Britain Project collating evidence for folk magic, witch bottles, shoes etc.
Association of Polytheist Traditions Organisation for Polytheists with good web resources and mailing list
Multicultural Polytheistic Hearth Reconstructionist and Living cultural traditions