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Site Updates 2006

22nd May 2006

Brythonic book list updated
Ancient Lothian added to Links
Celtic Kingdom of Elmet added to Links
Gwenn Ha Du added to Links

14th May 2006

Rhiannon and Manawydan added to Links

26th April 2006

Link to Skene's Four Ancient Books of Wales added to Bardic

31st March 2006

Celtic Gods of East Anglia - Then and Now added to Articles

27th March 2006

The Origins of Avalon added to Articles
Centre for the Study of Ancient Wales added to Links

20th March 2006

Pan O'wn y Gwanwyn added to Bardic

17th March 2006

Northumberland Rock Art added to Links

9th March 2006

Medieval Sourcebook added to Links

6th March 2006

Apotropaios - Folk Magic in Britain added to Links
Welsh Harper and English Bagpiper added to Bardic

5th March 2006

Data Wales added to Links
Moliannwn added to Bardic
Pwyll Prince of Dyfed added to Bardic

The Dream of Rhonabwy added to Bardic
Lady Charlotte Guest added to Encyclopaedia

3rd March 2006

The Owl added to Bardic

1st March 2006

Beginners Latin added to Links

24th February 2006

Kidwelly History added to Links

13th January 2006

Paviland Cave added to Articles
Rescuing Llangors Crannog added to Articles

(Both offsite at 'British Archaeology')


Site Updates 2005

13th December 2005

Y Feri Lwyd added to Bardic
The Victory of Lugh added to Articles

6th December 2005

Ted Hughes and the British Bardic Tradition (offsite) added to Articles
Folk Music of Wales (offsite) added to Bardic

9th November 2005

An-Daras added to Links

4th November 2005

Book of Aneirin added to Bardic page (offsite PDF)

2nd November 2005

Comhaltacht Draiocht added to Links

30th October 2005

Fairies - A Cautionary Tale added to Bardic Page

The Calends of Winter added to Bardic Page

18th October 2005

Dinogad's Coat added to Bardic page
The Gododdin Revisited added to Articles

15th September 2005

Welsh Traditional Music added to Links

13th September 2005

Brighid: What Do We Really Know? added to Articles
Imbolc in Wales added to Articles
Welsh Customs for Calan Haf added to Articles
Welsh Harvest Customs added to Articles

(All the above from the Celtic Well website)

11th September 2005

Brigantia, Cartimandua and Gwenhwyfar added to Articles

1st September 2005

Early Medieval Resources added to Links

9th August 2005

Wizards or Charlatans - Doctors or Herbalists? added to Articles

20th July 2005

Book List added to Articles

19th July 2005

Y Caer added to Links

18th July 2005

The Heroic Age added to Links

25th June 2005

Multicultural Polytheistic Hearth added to Links

24th June 2005

Sheshen Eceni added to Links

6th June 2005

The Coming of Arthur added to Bardic page

30th May 2005

Mwynen Merch added to Bardic page

21st April 2005

Decline and Fall added to Articles

20th April 2005

The Da Vinci Code added to Articles
Lindow Man added to Encyclopaedia

11th April 2005

Invisible Britons - The View from Linguistics added to Articles

4th April 2005

Mona Miscellany added to Links
Folklore of the Isle of Man added to Links

Peoples of Britain added to Articles

Rhitta of the Beards added to Bardic page

1st April 2005

Barddas added to Links

28th March 2005

Suo Gan added to Bardic page
Bragod added to Links

24th March 2005

Bennath Gernewek added to Bardic page

21st March 2005

Can Wassail added to Bardic page

18th March 2005

Vita Merlini added to Links

17th March 2005

Myrddin added to Encyclopaedia
Arthurian Resources added to Links

13th March 2005

Ancient Whispers added to Links
Gwlad y Tylwyth Teg added to Bardic page
Iron Age Warrior added to Articles page

12th March 2005

Arthur yn Cyfodi added to Bardic page

5th March 2005

A Harp on the Water added to Bardic page

The Battle of Tāl Moelfre added to Bardic page

2nd March 2005

Home page reorganised - this should stop the problems with the table formatting.

Black Book of Carmarthen added to Links
Celtic Folklore added to Links page 
Eclipses in ancient Welsh Manuscripts added to Links
Druidry - A Personal Approach added to Articles page 

28th February 2005

Hazel of Wisdom added to Articles page

26th February 2005

Cad Goddeu (external) added to Bardic page
Gwydion added to the Encyclopaedia

23rd February 2005

Lludd and Llefelys added to Bardic page
The Dialogue of Gwyddno Garanhir and Gwyn ap Nudd added to Bardic page

21st February 2005

Cerdd y Gog Lwydlas added to Bardic page
Casglu'r Tlysau added to Links
Gwarnant added to Links
Peithynen picture added to the Encyclopaedia
The Lament of Myrddin added to Bardic page
Mountain Snow added to Bardic page 

17th February 2005

Y Brython added to Links
Taliesin added to the Encyclopaedia

16th February 2005

Celfyddydau Mari Arts added to Links
Y Ddau Ferch added to Bardic page
Coelbren added to the Encyclopaedia
Awenyddion added to the Encyclopaedia

9th February 2005

A Grammatical Sketch of Middle Welsh
added to Articles page

7th February 2005

The Mesotomic Syllable in Old Welsh Poetry
The Gododdin in Armes Prydein
added to Articles page

5th February 2005

Druids and Brahmins added to Articles page
Elffin added to the Encyclopaedia section

4th February 2005

Llyfr Taliesin added to Links
The Cutty Wren added to Bardic page
The Bard added to Bardic page
Who? added to Bardic page

2nd February 2005

Battle of Argoed Llwyfain added to Bardic page
Y Fwyalchen Ddu Bigfelen added to Bardic page
Cader Idris added to Bardic page
Y Gwydd added to Bardic page